Simple ways to enhance productivity levels of employees

Many companies investing a lot of money on latest technologies, modern equipment, employee training etc. They often fail to focus on one of the most important factors affecting the employee’s performance and satisfaction levels that is the physical environment in the workplace. Interior Architects and Top interior design companies in Dubai have immense experience and knowledge about modifying the office space to improve the productivity levels of the employees.

The basic elements of interior designing in an office are light, space and desk. The office space should be planned to help the employees to interact and commute with other departments without any obstructions and it should also provide ample meeting space. Simple ways to improve the productivity of employees through good office designs are:-


One of the major considerations of a well-designed office layout is its ergonomic furniture. Comfortable desks with storage space, chairs, and other furniture items reduce the stress and help employees concentrate on the work which improves the productivity levels.


Bad light strains the eyes and increases the anxiety levels among the employees affecting the productivity levels. Hence, special over headlights must be installed in the office places to make the place right hand well lit.

Measures must be taken to increase the usage of natural light to the maximum extent to create an eco-friendly office environment.

Air quality

The polluted air inside the office can cause fatty can increase breathing problems for the employees. so use good ventilation, air filters, and air conditioning or temperature device.

Additionally, the cubicles in office must be equipped with computers or laptops, adjustable keyboards, paintings, art and wall hangings to enhance the office look.