Protect your eyes with sunglasses available online

A pair of sunglasses may although be a wonderful complement to your wardrobe, but its basic purpose of protecting your eyes should never be forgotten. Just like you use sun block creams and lotions to protect your skin, you must always keep sunglasses with you to save your eyes from the harmful UV rays. You get a plenty of designs, styles and colors of sunglasses to choose from. There are many eyewear retail shops that give various kinds of sunglasses offers in Dubai. Not only will you get original designer brands of sunglasses, but also avail discounts.

Let us take a look at various kinds of sunglasses that you can find.

Prescription sunglasses: yes, you can now find sunglasses that not only protect your eyes from sun rays and glare, but also correct you vision. These include high prescription sunglasses, bifocal sunglasses, presbyopic sunglasses and progressive sunglasses. You can find these in a variety of designs, styles and frame colors quite like the regular sunglasses. The materials used to make the lenses of the prescription sunglasses range from polycarbonate to regular plastic.

Polarized sunglasses: these types of sunglasses can absorb almost 98% of reflective glare and offer a glare free vision. You can get these sunglasses in a variety of designs, styles and colors to compliment your attire. A pair of polarized sunglasses is ideal for people living in water and snowy areas and also for those who take part in water and winter sports. This is because water and snow can increase the reflective glare and make it tough to see. If you participate in activities like water skiing, snow-boarding, driving, golfing, cycling, motorcycling and jogging then polarized sunglasses are made for you.

Sports sunglasses: these sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also enhance your sports performance. The lenses of sport optics sunglasses filter out blue and red light while allowing green light to come through and thus are great for golfers. These increase the contrast on the green field of golf and allow them to clearly see the subtle lines and breaks in the field. There are tinted sunglasses for the tennis players, which allow them to see the tennis ball clearly. The sports sunglasses are designed by using an impact resistant polycarbonate substrate and the lenses are made using an antireflective, UV and glare reduction coating.

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