Make your special event memorable with a customised cake

Whenever it comes to celebrating any event like wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any other, a cake is often the center piece. And since all of these occasions are very special, celebrating it with any kind of cake will just not do. For celebrating a special occasion of these types, your cake also needs to be just as special. Therefore a custom cake that is specially designed according to your personal preferences will make your event a memorable one. You can find many bakeries that offer customised cakes in Dubai. you just have to tell them the kind of cake you need that include the flavour of the cake, the type of icing and decorations you want on it, plus the particular theme you want, and the professionals engaged at these bakeries will create one accordingly.   

[caption id="attachment_165" align="alignnone" width="800"] Customised cakes in Dubai[/caption]
  •         Birthdays: customized cakes in Dubai can be designed for celebrating any occasion and can be decorated according to it. For instance, a cake for the birthday of a kid could be made around his or her favorite cartoon character or toy. For a teenager, the cake can be decorated in a way revolving around their idol, or fashion trend. Whereas the cake for an older person can be designed around his or her favorite show or hobby.
  •         Weddings: wedding can be made more special for the couple with best customized cakes designed considering the couple’s favorites. Plus, if the cake resembles the love that the couple shares, then it would make the occasion even more elegant and memorable. Make sure that the top of the cake is kept frozen as it is often taken by the couple as a remembrance.
  •         Baby shower: various cake shops in Dubai can design some very unique and eye catching custom cakes for baby shower.  It should be reflecting the love a mother has for her child. This can be represented on a cake in a variety of ways, but shape of the cake in form of a pregnant belly is getting popular these days. Consider the icing choices of the mother and make her feel even more special.

One of the most famous bakeries in Dubai, G’s bakers, can design the cake of your choice in pocket friendly prices.