Legalities to check for company formation in Dubai


When setting up a company, one needs to plan things ahead. Among all the other things, one needs to address all the legalities. Experts at the law firms like say that one needs to follow all the legalities when trying to set up a company in Dubai.

According to, owners need to abide by some basic laws and regulations when setting up a company in Dubai. Here are a few legal concerns that need to be addressed before company formation in Dubai –


  1. Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

For offshore company formation in Dubai, there is a free zone called the JAFZA free zone. Dubai is a tax free country and provides the best destination for offshore company formation. They mainly act as holding companies, to protect assets or to for international investment. The laws provide full tax exemptions and 100% foreign ownership.

  1. Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

These are the companies registered in the free zones in Dubai. These are companies setup in the tax-free areas where even foreigners can own companies. The customs duty does not apply in the free zones. These companies also have 100% personal and corporate tax exemption.

  1. Mainland Companies

These companies are the ones registered in the mainland of Dubai and their main purpose involves the local market. These companies need to be formed with at least one partnership of a UAE national who acts as a company shareholder or a local service agent.

If you are an expatriate in UAE, then you may participate only in LLCs, Public and Private Joint Stock Companies. It is important to talk to a legal advisor and find out the best option for you.

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