Key Points to Last Weight Loss Surgery Success

Whether it is the gastric balloon in Dubai or any other weight loss surgery, there is always a risk of regaining the lost weight. The gastric surgeries only aid to the weight loss by restricting your food intake and absorption of calories. It’s the patient’s commitment which can maintain the success of weight loss surgeries. The gastric balloon in Dubai or any other surgery is just a tool that helps you shed pounds and you have to use the tool correctly. Here are three things you can do.

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  • Activities: If you want to manage your healthy weight for a long time then you must incorporate physical activity into your daily lifestyle. Your Bariatric surgeon will direct you to exercise daily for 20 minutes for a week, you just have to follow it strictly. People tend to think that they have to exercise till they get exhausted, but it is not so. Physical activity should be beyond the normal activities and not too strenuous.
  • Lifestyle: Once you undergo weight loss surgery your entire lifestyle will face a change. You have to induce your daily diet with high protein and low carbohydrate for the rest of your life to lose weight and maintain it. You should avoid foods with carbohydrate content and sugary snacks. You also have to restrict the liquid intake during and after meals. You have to be strict with yourself and not get too emotional for the food cravings if you want to maintain weight loss lifelong.
  • Support: Support can help a lot of people dealing with morbid obesity condition. Most of the patients who undergo surgery have gone through lifelong weight gain and dieting and ended up with a surgery. A support will surely help them maintain good health and wellness, along with weight control as the support boosts up their personal effort to sustain weight loss maintenance.

Be it gastric balloon in Dubai or be it gastric bypass surgery, they have a team of experts experienced in every surgical and nonsurgical procedure.