Bringing Your Family to Dubai: Sponsoring Your Spouse and Children

 So you have gotten a job in Dubai and want your family to join you. Applying for a spouse and child visa Dubai is a must you will have to sponsor them for an entry permit. To get this permit for your spouse and child, you will need the following documents:

  • A completed application form for an entry permit.
  • Passport copies (verified) of your spouse and child that is valid for 6 months
  • Coloured passport-sized photographs of your spouse and child.
  • For your spouse you would require: 
  • a marriage certificate (original and copy, certified and legally translated for non-Arab nationalities)
  • a bank guarantee of 5,000 AED if you have a second wife
  • For your child: 
    • a birth certificate (original and copy, both of which are certified)
    • a written statement that your sponsored daughter who is above 18 is unmarried.
  • Your salary certificate (attested) along with your original employment contract.

 As a sponsor, you must be earning at least 3,000 AED/ month along with accommodation provided by your employer, or you must be earning 4,000 AED without it. However, this requirement is not necessary for teachers, imams, and bus drivers for educational institutions.

(Note: according to new family visa rules of UAE of 2019, job title for the sponsor is not necessary)

  • Your bank statements for the past three months.
  • Your original, authenticated rental contract
  • Your recent energy and water bills.

 Along with the above-mentioned document, you will also have to pay a fee of 250 AED for each application of your spouse and child. For urgent application, you will have to pay an extra 100 AED.

 On receiving the entry permits, you can send them to your spouse and child or send them a copy, while depositing the original at the immigration office of the airport where your family would be arriving.