A guide to choose your whites right!

White is among the most sought-after colors of interior design firms in Dubai, especially for bed linens. However, it is extremely important to choose your whites right or it will look too bland!

White rooms are liked by everyone. They are crisp, clean and exude positive vibes. From crisp white sheets to fluffy towels or white furniture, they look royal and ravishing. But, how to know if you selecting the best item? This article offers help –

  • When purchasing bedding material, always pick by the thread count. This is how you measure the quality. You should see the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Higher the count, better the quality! Sellers usually mention this.
  • Whites look the best in cotton. When choosing bed linens, opt for cotton as it is durable, soft and breathable. Look for certified cottons and those with 100% Egyptian certificate are the best.such linens give the softest feel.
  • Look for the percale, especially if you are someone who likes the cooler side of the pillow. It can be characterized by crisp hand and a matte finish.
  • If you wish to have softer and supple linens then you could opt for sateen woven ones. They have a luminous sheen and silky smooth surface. The sateen mixed linens are often heavier than percale, but they are also softer. This makes them the best for those who like soft and supple linens.

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