5-day diet plan to be followed post gastric balloon Dubai

One of the best non-surgical procedures for losing weight that is becoming increasingly popular and is offered by many clinics is gastric balloon Dubai. But to see the efficient results of the procedure, you must abide by the following dietary plan. This will help your stomach to adapt to the newly inserted balloon in the best way possible. The type, as well as the amount of food intake, differs greatly among people.

 Here is the specific diet plan prepared by experts to help in the efficiency of gastric balloon procedure.

 Day 0 – Water, Ice Cubes, Popsicles

On the day, in which you get your gastric balloon inserted, you must stick to drinking water. You can also eat small popsicles or ice cubes. However, you must limit the quantity to a maximum of 50 ml per hour. It is also advised that instead of gulping it down, you must take it in small sips frequently. A completely watery diet for the first 24 hours will keep you hydrated, and provide you with a refreshing and cold sensation without filling up above the balloon.

 Day 1 – Clear Liquids

On the day after the procedure, you must intake only clear liquids that will let your stomach to accept the balloon. Drink around 50 ml of clear liquids in every hour including water, fruit juice without pulp, diluted squash, clear soups, or herbal tea. You must avoid caffeinated drinks as these cause acidity leading to pain, burping, and gastric nutrition.

 Day 2 + 3 – Full Liquids

If you were able to tolerate the above diet, then you can start with thicker liquids like fluids containing pulp and pureed foods. Again manage the quantity and start with eating only 2-3 tablespoons of foods, 5 times in a day. Plus continue drinking 50 ml of liquids every hour to avoid dehydration. The thick liquid diet includes smoothies, yogurt, soft and cooked oatmeal, and fruit puree.

 Day 4 – Soft Foods

If you can nicely tolerate the above mentioned full liquid diet, you may proceed to a more solid diet that needs more chewing and digestion. Chewing your food thoroughly until it becomes viscous to easily pass through the gastric balloon. Make sure that you eat and drink as slowly as possible. These foods include cooked veggies, low-fat cheese, scrambled eggs, baked beans, cooked chicken or fish and tofu.

 Day 5 onwards – Progress to Solid

You can continue with your normal, but a healthy and balanced diet on and after the 5th day of the procedure, if your stomach allows. Make sure to eat slowly and chew thoroughly and intake as much liquid as you can.