Declawing your cat? Consider these alternatives to surgery

Cats like to scratch surfaces. Many pet owners go to pet clinic Dubai for declawing surgery to avoid any damages. A cat’s claws are an important part of their well being both physically and psychologically. People do not realize that declawing a cat is a very unnecessary surgical procedure which often leaves the declawed cat with physical and psychological problems that will last their lifetime. Deciding whether to do it or not is one of the most important decisions a cat owner has to make. If you are planning for a declaw surgery, think before you step ahead. There are many alternatives to declawing that should be considered before you proceed for surgery done on your cat.  try these options. 


  • Be Prepared

If you’ve got a cat, or you’re going to get a cat and want to avoid declawing, be prepared. Make your home ready for your new furry guest. Cats usually scratch rough surfaces. Buy items with a smooth texture like leather or velvet. You can also coat your furniture with something that the cat will not like, such as aluminium foil or double-stick tape, or even a plastic carpet runner. A little Tabasco sauce nearby will also repel the cat. This way more likely you can avoid having to declaw your cat!

  • Nail Trimming

Trimming your cat’s nails is pretty easy, once you get the hang of it. A cat with cut off nails does much less destruction to furniture, curtains and rugs. The basic theory of trimming your cat’s nails is to cut the white part, don’t cut the pink part. Trimming your cat’s nails is much easier and effective than applying Soft Paws. 


  • Scratching Posts

Most cats can be trained to use a scratching post to avoid declaw surgery. These are easily available in the market. Scratching posts that include several peaks are best since cats like sitting on high surfaces. Offer your kitty a variety of posts and surfaces. Also, experiment with their locations. Entice them to paw at the new post by chasing them after a toy around it. 


  • Soft Paws

Soft paws are soft vinyl caps that you glue onto each of your cat’s nails. They fall off after a few weeks and need to be reapplied at least monthly. There are many people who have used these and liked them. Moreover, if you think you’d like to see your cat with fluorescent pink nails, these might be just the thing for you. 



Tips to lower the vet cost to make vet care affordable 

The cost of veterinary care has become expensive and increasing day by day. Now, as veterinarians offer more advanced diagnostics and treatment, their charges have gone up accordingly. Due to escalated costs of staff salaries and higher expenses for the diagnostic equipment, Vets are taking more fees to make their practices profitable. For a clinic to financially profit, charging more per client has become a common practice. So, if your pet ever becomes ill, it can easily cost you in thousands. This is why pet owners are nowadays finding more reasonable options for vet clinic Dubai and also the ways to lower these costs. 

This article will give you an understanding of the top things you can do to lower your vet costs.

  • Take charge of your pet’s health care

The biggest key to lowering your veterinary fees is by being an involved pet owner. Educate yourself on basic at home veterinary care as well as the general issues. This will help you in many ways. For instance, your veterinarian suggesting ‘preventive’ diagnostic tests during a check-up. You should be asking and questioning why? If you are all educated about it.  

  • Look for suggestions 

Search for advice to find the best and affordable veterinary care. There is a misconception that the higher-priced clinics give a better quality of care – but this is often not true. Get recommendations from other pet owners. Do your homework and compare prices with other clinics in your area. Make sure you won’t be paying inflated prices or for veterinary care, your pet really doesn’t need.


  • Avoid hospitalisation fees

Another expense you can avoid is the hospitalisation fees. Vet generally ask to hospitalise your pet to make a lot more money. This way they earn by charging hospitalisation fees for the day along with a fee for re-examining your pet in the morning. Ask to have the procedure performed while you are there rather than admitting your pet. 


  • Go for Local Drug stores

Medication is expensive, and it’s marked up a lot at your vet. Find out if the drug is available in your local drug stores or pharmacies. They may offer it at a much cheaper price. You may also ask your vet about lower-priced medications if they find it appropriate.


  • Use inexpensive home remedies

Make use of natural remedies, they are inexpensive. For instance, if you have allergic pets. You can use natural remedies to treat them instead of continuing those expensive prescribed medications from your vet.


  • Avoid packaged Pet Health Care Plan 


Many clinics offer their own packaged health care plans for pets. They claim that these plans are more affordable than paying for each veterinary service separately. The problem is that some of these packages contain veterinary services that aren’t always needed by every pet. 


An understanding of what you can do about the vet costs will help you save you from spending a lot of money. You need to do your research and weigh the validity of each option you encounter. Using some of the above suggestions will definitely save yourself lots of money in the long run. Moreover, finding affordable vet clinic Dubai care can be labour-intensive, but it’s certainly possible. Vet Veterinary Clinic is the place that perfectly fits in your requirements. They offer a range of pet care services at affordable prices.

Why you should have Eyelash Extensions

You had always dreamed of the pleasure of having beautiful eyes like your favourite actress, but always kept your desires hidden in your heart? With technology today, there are many beauty techniques available, Eyelash extensions are one of them. Usually, most of the women think that they shouldn’t get eyelash extensions because getting them takes away their natural beauty. But believe us, there are myriads of advantages you can enjoy through opting for an eyelash extensions process. You can find expert makeup artists to get the best eyelash extensions in Dubai. Here are a few reasons to convince you the plus points they carry:

They add to your natural beauty

Eyelash extensions accentuate the look of your eyes by creating a contrast between the dark lashes and the bright eyes. Also, you can get your eyelash extension specialist to trim them to your specifications. You won’t need to use those fake-looking those stick-on lashes anymore as these individual extensions look much more natural. Although it is an unnatural way of modifying the looks of your eyes, it looks so natural that a person sitting in front of you won’t even realize that you are having an eyelash extension.

You can wear them anywhere

Eyelash extension is not just for a temporary occasion but is a more permanent solution. If taken care of, they last for around two months and can be worn anywhere you go during the day or night. As stated previously, extensions look so natural that your people near you might not even know that you have them on but they will definitely be able to tell that you did something different with your eyes. They would instead there must be some kind of new lash make-up you have put on. Wear them to work, a club, a Saturday night date or a parent-teacher conference.

Your makeup routine is cut down to half

Putting on makeup takes long enough to get ready especially in the morning when you have to reach somewhere early. Extensions save you the time that you would normally spend applying lash make-up as you already have that make-up applied look. Lash extensions eliminate the need for every time-consuming task, whether it is curling the lashes, applying mascara, or wearing eye makeup altogether. It cuts off your makeup time by at least 30 minutes and is a quick way to get ready. At times, you won’t even feel the need to apply eye makeup. 

They’re customizable

Before going through the procedure, you should talk to your specialist about how you’d like your eyelashes to look and the main concerns with your natural lashes, you want volume? Length? Fullness? Or if you are doing this for a special, once-in-a-lifetime event? Do you want to attract attention to the shape or colour of your eyes? Once you’ve answered those queries, the specialist will help you choose the perfect set for your needs and one that will enhance your eye shape.

These reasons might be enough to choose eyelash extension as your new beauty technique. So, get ready to flaunt your eyes and compel people to appreciate them. Want to get the lash extension? You should go to the professional makeup artist who can deal with you perfectly. Nooora Beauty Concierge has professionals and certified beauticians with immense experience for applying for the best eyelash extensions Dubai. 


Protect your eyes with sunglasses available online

A pair of sunglasses may although be a wonderful complement to your wardrobe, but its basic purpose of protecting your eyes should never be forgotten. Just like you use sun block creams and lotions to protect your skin, you must always keep sunglasses with you to save your eyes from the harmful UV rays. You get a plenty of designs, styles and colors of sunglasses to choose from. There are many eyewear retail shops that give various kinds of sunglasses offers in Dubai. Not only will you get original designer brands of sunglasses, but also avail discounts.

Let us take a look at various kinds of sunglasses that you can find.

Prescription sunglasses: yes, you can now find sunglasses that not only protect your eyes from sun rays and glare, but also correct you vision. These include high prescription sunglasses, bifocal sunglasses, presbyopic sunglasses and progressive sunglasses. You can find these in a variety of designs, styles and frame colors quite like the regular sunglasses. The materials used to make the lenses of the prescription sunglasses range from polycarbonate to regular plastic.

Polarized sunglasses: these types of sunglasses can absorb almost 98% of reflective glare and offer a glare free vision. You can get these sunglasses in a variety of designs, styles and colors to compliment your attire. A pair of polarized sunglasses is ideal for people living in water and snowy areas and also for those who take part in water and winter sports. This is because water and snow can increase the reflective glare and make it tough to see. If you participate in activities like water skiing, snow-boarding, driving, golfing, cycling, motorcycling and jogging then polarized sunglasses are made for you.

Sports sunglasses: these sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also enhance your sports performance. The lenses of sport optics sunglasses filter out blue and red light while allowing green light to come through and thus are great for golfers. These increase the contrast on the green field of golf and allow them to clearly see the subtle lines and breaks in the field. There are tinted sunglasses for the tennis players, which allow them to see the tennis ball clearly. The sports sunglasses are designed by using an impact resistant polycarbonate substrate and the lenses are made using an antireflective, UV and glare reduction coating.

Are you looking to buy a pair of sunglasses online? If so, then Gulf Optics is one of the best retailers of eyewear often recommended to buy original eyewear products. Whether you want a Tom Ford, Gucci or Ray Bans, by shopping with us you can avail many sunglasses offers in Dubai.

Advantages of Swedish Massage

A renowned and the most widely practiced therapeutic massage types is the Swedish massage. This type of massage focuses on muscle relaxation and increasing blood flow. The therapists target your superficial muscles. If you are wondering whether to reserve an appointment for Swedish massage Dubai, learn some of the benefits of this massage before making a choice.

  • Manages Pain: If you suffer from chronic pains due to conditions like sciatica or osteoarthritis, then Swedish massage is the best remedy for you.  It is an effective method that lets you manage your pain in a natural way. Just notify your pain points and let your therapist know about it, so that she could easily target them and relaxes those muscles with stroking massage motions.


  • Blood flow increases: Effleurage motion (long stroking motion in the direction of blood flow towards the heart) must be brought to use by your Swedish massage therapist. This will help in opening your blood vessels and increase your blood flow. This in turn would help your muscles to get more oxygen and also remove toxins more efficiently.


  • Increases flexibility: relaxed muscles can move more freely. You experience a wider range of motion after Swedish massage. When combined with stretching exercises, the muscles of your body easily heal, if facing workout-related injuries.


  • Reduces stress:  a Swedish massage is designed to maximize relaxation. The combination of the hands-on attention of the professional and the comforts of your home lowers the cortisol (stress hormones) levels. Once your stress level decreases you will experience least tension headaches, feel more energetic, and get a good night’s sleep.


  • Improves immune system: along with the relaxation benefits of Swedish massage, the lower cortisol levels also let your immune system to grow stronger. This means that you will not get sick pretty often and feel more strong and enthusiastic than ever before.

Swedish massage can be called a treat to yourself as you can experience both physical and mental health benefits. It is a perfect option for those who wants to achieve a complete experience of massage.


Best practices in Ecommerce web design that can increase conversions

The success of an online store is not only because it offers superior quality products, but also because of the interactive and functional design of the Ecommerce website. These websites are designed in a way to get maximum sales and conversions. These websites have attractive homepage along  with engaging and easy to read content. You can find various companies to build website having a unique and interactive Ecommerce web design in Dubai. Here we have a few of the best practices that can be used in ecommerce website design to increase conversions.

Mobile optimized

Having a mobile optimized site will allow potential customers to shop easily from their mobiles from your online store. They can purchase from anywhere and anytime. Additionally your Google ranking will also improve as search engines like Google evaluates websites on their mobile-readiness.

Improve the search function

The search function of your website can draw in sales. Professional website designers embed a search bar in your ecommerce website. They may include one at the very top of homepage or at the bottom. They may have navigation bars that follow the visitor as they scroll down the homepage. You can choose to put the search bar anywhere, but ensure that it is noticeable.

White space utilisation 

Of course you would want your ecommerce websites to include plenty of information, but bombarding the viewers with too much content is also not a good idea. Utilising enough white space would not be overwhelming for visitors and will lead to conversions quickly.

These were just a few options that professional website designers often opt for increasing sales and conversions.


5-day diet plan to be followed post gastric balloon Dubai

One of the best non-surgical procedures for losing weight that is becoming increasingly popular and is offered by many clinics is gastric balloon Dubai. But to see the efficient results of the procedure, you must abide by the following dietary plan. This will help your stomach to adapt to the newly inserted balloon in the best way possible. The type, as well as the amount of food intake, differs greatly among people.

 Here is the specific diet plan prepared by experts to help in the efficiency of gastric balloon procedure.

 Day 0 – Water, Ice Cubes, Popsicles

On the day, in which you get your gastric balloon inserted, you must stick to drinking water. You can also eat small popsicles or ice cubes. However, you must limit the quantity to a maximum of 50 ml per hour. It is also advised that instead of gulping it down, you must take it in small sips frequently. A completely watery diet for the first 24 hours will keep you hydrated, and provide you with a refreshing and cold sensation without filling up above the balloon.

 Day 1 – Clear Liquids

On the day after the procedure, you must intake only clear liquids that will let your stomach to accept the balloon. Drink around 50 ml of clear liquids in every hour including water, fruit juice without pulp, diluted squash, clear soups, or herbal tea. You must avoid caffeinated drinks as these cause acidity leading to pain, burping, and gastric nutrition.

 Day 2 + 3 – Full Liquids

If you were able to tolerate the above diet, then you can start with thicker liquids like fluids containing pulp and pureed foods. Again manage the quantity and start with eating only 2-3 tablespoons of foods, 5 times in a day. Plus continue drinking 50 ml of liquids every hour to avoid dehydration. The thick liquid diet includes smoothies, yogurt, soft and cooked oatmeal, and fruit puree.

 Day 4 – Soft Foods

If you can nicely tolerate the above mentioned full liquid diet, you may proceed to a more solid diet that needs more chewing and digestion. Chewing your food thoroughly until it becomes viscous to easily pass through the gastric balloon. Make sure that you eat and drink as slowly as possible. These foods include cooked veggies, low-fat cheese, scrambled eggs, baked beans, cooked chicken or fish and tofu.

 Day 5 onwards – Progress to Solid

You can continue with your normal, but a healthy and balanced diet on and after the 5th day of the procedure, if your stomach allows. Make sure to eat slowly and chew thoroughly and intake as much liquid as you can.



Bringing Your Family to Dubai: Sponsoring Your Spouse and Children

 So you have gotten a job in Dubai and want your family to join you. Applying for a spouse and child visa Dubai is a must you will have to sponsor them for an entry permit. To get this permit for your spouse and child, you will need the following documents:

  • A completed application form for an entry permit.
  • Passport copies (verified) of your spouse and child that is valid for 6 months
  • Coloured passport-sized photographs of your spouse and child.
  • For your spouse you would require: 
  • a marriage certificate (original and copy, certified and legally translated for non-Arab nationalities)
  • a bank guarantee of 5,000 AED if you have a second wife
  • For your child: 
    • a birth certificate (original and copy, both of which are certified)
    • a written statement that your sponsored daughter who is above 18 is unmarried.
  • Your salary certificate (attested) along with your original employment contract.

 As a sponsor, you must be earning at least 3,000 AED/ month along with accommodation provided by your employer, or you must be earning 4,000 AED without it. However, this requirement is not necessary for teachers, imams, and bus drivers for educational institutions.

(Note: according to new family visa rules of UAE of 2019, job title for the sponsor is not necessary)

  • Your bank statements for the past three months.
  • Your original, authenticated rental contract
  • Your recent energy and water bills.

 Along with the above-mentioned document, you will also have to pay a fee of 250 AED for each application of your spouse and child. For urgent application, you will have to pay an extra 100 AED.

 On receiving the entry permits, you can send them to your spouse and child or send them a copy, while depositing the original at the immigration office of the airport where your family would be arriving.


Importance of Cable Trays in IT Organisations and Industries

Cable tray suppliers in UAE put forward that installing cable trays help in holding wires in a planned path. The trays can efficiently manage different types of cables including security wires, communication cables, and several other types of electric cables. While the rules and regulations may differ from country to country, the utility and construction standards for cable trays are almost the same across several capacities.

With the increase in technology, almost every facility or business unit is being attracted towards automation; and automation means the application of complex machines which further requires the use of several types of cables and wiring lying around. This may also lead to dangers or accidents such as short-circuits and fires. The best way to handle such situations is to install cable trays.

Cable tray suppliers reveal that cable tray installation has become fundamental for businesses and modern constructions as they provide prompt and versatile solutions for these difficulties. They provide a boost to cable tray manufacturers in UAE and they are coming up with different types of cable trays to suffice different industrial needs.

Cable trays are also constructed depending on the area and environments where they are installed. Cable trays are available in steel, fiber glass and aluminum. Light to heavyweight cable ladders are the best suit for encasing metal cables. At the same time, perforated cable trays provide ample air disposition and ventilation for non-metal cables. They are the best to manage signal cables, power cables, phone cables and multi conductor control cables.

The fundamental utility of cable trays within IT organisations and businesses is to provide dependable security to cables and wires inside them. The large number of cables and wires used within these organisations can become difficult to manage, and their security is another issue to consider. This makes it very important to have cable trays an important requirement in IT organisations and industrial facilities.


Know all about Cosmetic Dermatology

People are always conscious of how they look. How one looks depends on how healthy their skin is as our skin is the outer covering and defense layer of our body. Here Dermatology comes in a role. It is one of the most in-demand branches at hospitals in Sharjah as it diagnoses and treats the ailments and disorders of the skin. It has mainly four types.



Types of Dermatology

Medical Dermatology – In this, a dermatologist performs the diagnosis and suggests preventions for problems of the skin, nails, and hair.

Dermatopathology – It involves analyzing the condition and disarrays of the skin with the help of pathological tools and procedures.

Surgical Dermatology – The dermatologist surgeon performs surgery to provide lasting solutions for the dismays of the skin.

Cosmetic Dermatology – The Cosmetic Dermatology provides solutions that enhance the condition, youthfulness, and charm of the skin, nails, and hair.

Cosmetic Dermatology

The term cosmetic signifies beauty, and this branch of dermatology does the same treatments. Though it does not provide a cure to skin diseases, it includes procedures like plastic surgery, lip augmentation, etc, that beautifies our skin.

Wound & Acne Scars – Scars or dark spots on the face or anywhere on your body can be the scariest nightmare. It may lend any person to depression as these never fade away naturally. The cosmetic dermatology helps in removing the marks completely.

Removing Signs of Ageing – Ageing is a natural process, but who wants to get wrinkles on their skin. Cosmetic surgery helps in the removal of wrinkles and other signs of ageing. The surgeons inject fillers and other sorts of solutions to our skin to make a wrinkled face look younger.

Tattoo Removal – Cosmetic dermatologist can treat unwanted tattoos and remove them permanently from your skin. This is done by laser technology, which isn’t painful and ensures superior results as well.

Fat Removal – The cosmetic dermatologist are experts in removing excess body fat from the patient’s body. It requires careful handling and surgical expertise.